Dashboard TOFD / Section 3: Evaluation / Chapter 5: Full Exercises

Data Analysis

Acceptance Level



  1. Put the exercise in full-screen mode using the button on the bottom left corner of the exercise
  2. Click on Calibration
  3. Calibrate the wedge delay
  4. Optional: Calibrate the velocity and straighten the lateral wave
  5. Click on Back to Analysis
  6. Click on New Indication
  7. Move the red vertical cursor over the indication
  8. Move the red horizontal cursor on the upper tip
  9. Click on Z1
  10. Move the red horizontal cursor on the lower tip
  11. Click on Z2
  12. Move the red vertical cursor at the beginning of the indication
  13. Click on X1
  14. Move the red vertical cursor at the end of the indication
  15. Click on X2
  16. Click on Accept or Reject
  17. If New Indication turns red, click on it to measure the next indication
  18. If New Indication stays green, click on Validate
  19. Click on Reset to restart the exercise